A building can only be as large as the foundation allows, otherwise the structural integrity will be compromised and issues will arise.

Companies are the same way, in that they can only grow as large and dynamic as their foundation allows them to.

Which would beg to ask: what is the foundation of a company?

Media seems to make it sound as if it is the founders and leadership. Publications seem to tout that it is the culture and mission statements. Companies seem to think it is their product or service, or even the sales department.

But who would leaders lead if no one followed? Who would managers manage?

Where would a culture be or a mission statement matter without people?

What would sales people sell, or where is the product or service without people?

Which could direct one to think it would be the people at the bottom, but isn’t this the same group of people that occupy revolving-door positions and HR is constantly hassling with trying to fill and gripes about?

What do you think the foundation of a company is?