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What Did You Say?!

Someone once told me:

You can have the greatest idea, or a revelation that is revolutionary, but if you can’t communicate it to someone else clearly so they are able to comprehend it, you might as well not have had that idea or revelation.


When a disruption or issue comes up in a company, most of the time it is due to poor or improper communication.

That improper communication could be a “lack-of”, “too-much-that-the-message-is-lost”, “unclear”, or other forms of static.

People tend to communicate to others how they prefer to be communicate to themselves, or the level at which they are comfortable communicating, which can be a problem.


We should strive to communicate at a level that a majority of people can grasp and understand what is being communicated, not just a select few.

So, how would you improve your communication?


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