Ever notice how it is typically the people that have never truly managed, that seem to desire and strive to become a manager?

I guess it is due to their viewpoint that a manager has all this power, and they are yearning for that power.

(And yes, managers do make more money too, but that is not the focus here)

This makes me think about one of the Spiderman movies, in which uncle Ben tells Peter that “with great power comes great responsibility.” Which, said another way, is that with great responsibility comes great power.

Most people who want to become management do not see the responsibility part.

Most true managers see the responsibility portion first and foremost. They understand that burden, and balance they are charged with keeping.

Which encourages me to ask:

How do we make relevant the concept and understandings and burdens of what it means to be a manager?

I have seen a number of people fail at managing others, and in turn damage their career or standings with a company, because they don’t fully grasp the entirety of what it means to be a manager.

Is it the company that failed them?

Is it the HR/hiring-manager that didn’t screen the candidate well enough and made a bad choice?

Is it due to just shoving people into positions to fill the void, hoping it works out?

Or have we as a society become so ignorant of what it means to be a manager that we don’t understand the true concept?

We have a million books out there on the topic- maybe we have dumbed it down or caused so much noise on the topic?

I had heard it said often that managing people is the worst profession to do. Is that because we make it so?

Going to let this one simmer.